A Father’s Songs To His Autistic Son — 2

Posted on February 3, 2011

The New Family

I held you. You cried.

Mom held you. You cried.

We placed you in the crib

And you pulled your feet close

Put your tiny hand to your mouth

And slept.

I sang to you. You cried.

I stopped singing. Your

Body softened. Then you let me

Push tiny spoonfuls of Gerber’s

To your mouth.

You smiled.

I put you in your crib

Turned on soft lullabies

For the player by your bed.

You cried.

I turned off the lullabies.

You Slept.

No cuddles.

No music.

Just quiet

And solitude.

It was you.

It was then I knew something.

But didn’t know what I knew.


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