Taurus Shipwreck

Posted on February 18, 2011

Stab cuts in the dashboard

rage and anger

boil within

as your arms

angry pistons


gasps of pain,

growl-cries uttered

words unfound

grind out static,

gnarled and primitive

speech of scrambled


you know but

you do not

scanning your

mind desperately for

a calm frequency

your quest yields only

voltage crackling as

burned circuits snap

finding no path to open

this blue metal cage

death fear amplifies

in an open-windowed

Ford Taurus

sitting grounded

in the shade

of a Maple tree

Your mother

buys groceries

dashing to return


that you are

about to broadcast from

steel blue eyes,

“I AM!”

screwdriver striking

again and again

the dashboard

yields to your blows

you transmit

your message

now writ on the

hard vinyl

in alien Morse code….

on false blue leather,

an old, old, cry….

— … —

save our soul

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