To Fathers:

Posted on February 21, 2011

Being a father to an autistic child is a challenge. Is that overstating the obvious? It’s tough enough to have “normal” kids. While I have no claims to special expertise, I know autism causes the term “Dad” to take on a LOT more meaning. Denial comes first for most of us. There will likely be no quarterback, no Rhodes Scholar, or future CEO for you to dream about parenting. So, what do you have to look forward to? It would be lying to say the ride will be easy. It won’t. And what rewards lie down the road? That’s a question as hard to answer as what causes autism? I can only say that I have found, after incredible experiences with my own son, who is now nearly 30, a life enriched beyond any I could have ever dreamed of. My writings are dedicated to the dads out there asking “Why me?” and wondering if they are alone. You are not. And if it were “not you” then who else should it have been? Those who haven’t been with us, have no chance to know what we can know, feel what we feel, and experience love as we have.

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