Instruction Manual

Posted on March 5, 2011

Please read the first page.

After inserting tab A, fold flap X.

Warning: do not use around water.

Not suitable for children

under three years of age.

Check the library,

there’ll be something there.

Find a support group,

someone who understands.

Maybe a parent club somewhere.

Pounding pavement, turning pages

the search for gold transforms.

Becomes a silent quest for simple solace

A balm which calms devouring rage.

Storms within me, gales within you.

They become tempests in my mind,

maelstroms in yours. There must be

a book which tells us what to do.

There has always been a book,

a place where I could look

to find a way to rebuild

my transmission or my brakes

or kill weeds on my lawn.

But no. Paper holds no clues.

This trusted way of learning,

the one which has never failed

now stands mute and silent, offers

only sad and puzzled views.

Ahah! A genome project here

and DNA unraveled there

and a grizzle-faced academic

saying that there’s an answer to this

puzzle, hiding there somewhere.

Still the book is not yet writ.

And so there is no answer to the questions

which mock and confront us now.

Simply nowhere to turn to find

Just what to do and how.

In the end it seems

despite all of our hopeful dreams,

we’ll continue to rage at the night.

This is a book is for us to write.

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