Picture Window

Posted on May 23, 2011

Standing outside, pruners in hand… I look in the window,

Where I know you will be… standing before the sink

Working your magic, making some nothing something

Tasting like something never tasted before, magical with flavor,

Crafted with love.

I see you framed like a painting, your once auburn hair

Gray, your eyes paler than they once were

I’ve heard that happens as we age.

I hold this moment, frozen in fascination as I think on the

Ten thousand times I have looked before

And there you stood.

You are like the sun and moon to me, as you

Stand in the window. I look up from the hillside

And you are the same constant presence. I always know

That when I come in, there will be hot coffee, and

A “try this” as you use me for a test rabbit for your newest

Act of love. And I am never disappointed, never fail

To love what you love to serve… knowing that you know

Full well my tastes and my likes, and that you’ll never reach

Out to me with what you know isn’t in me to love.

You will talk to me of him, our son,

For you know I have come to love him deeply today

Where I once paled, faltered, even

While you stood fast, held him to your breast.

You were the strong one, the always strong one.

You held until I learned and understood.

Today we share this intensity, this need

to see beyond ourselves, far much more than others.

I hate to think of that window empty, and I know you hate

To think of looking out and seeing only the rake leaning

Against a tree.

One of us will pass first, and cope

with our own loss, as well as his.

No matter. Whoever remains will guide his hand.

We have faith that when both of us have left

Time will cradle him in its arms.

We will have done all that we can.

That’s what makes us who we are……

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