Invisible Child

The sighted blind

see cruelly by choice

you discomfit them so

they ignore your wee voice.

Hope rests at school.

we think so to be,

where teachers reside

you may be set free.

Hope walks before us

Pacing the floor

your very first teacher

awaits at the door.

“Don’t worry” he says,

as we sing out your song

“I know kids like you.

I’m never wrong.”

 His words portend pain

his smug certainty

overpowers your smile

with shadows to be.

 First grade becomes ugly.

you slink to your cave

pull the earth up around

afraid to be brave.

Year two and then three.

Each one anew

teachers can’t teach

the mystery of you

Despair descends

existence evolves

Our hope for the joyous

another sadness to solve.

And then….comes a year

as school again starts

a smile stands before you

a soft, glowing heart

gentle and knowing

her eyes see you well.

spy the grace within you.

and she casts out her spell.

fear drifts away

as she takes your hand

draws you softly to her.

She indeed understands.

We find others like her

as school years pass by.

spirits who guide you

to reach your own special sky

Today we can pray thanks

for the magic you’ve known

the love of great teachers

has made you your own.

Their souls adored you

taught a lesson each day:

An ignoring world may be blind,

but you will have your say.

—-dedicated to Dawn and Lucas, and their long journey—

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